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How it all started...

Shelter View originally came about in the typical kiwi way, over a beer watching a rugby match, and through a friend of a friend the whole thing began. It started with 7 enthusiastic people who spent weekend after weekend clearing away pine trees and debri and moving fences before the digger arrived to develop the track.

The first event was a shakedown to establish whether the track would hold water and withstand boats roaring around at speeds of up to 130kph.
Barely 2 years later the team were approached to hold a UIM World Series event and to meet the requirements of that, safety fences were put in place. Improvements are constantly being made to maintain the world class status it has already achieved.

The directors of Shelter View are Richard Murray, Pat Dillon, Nick Candish, Bryce Howard, and Julia Murray (Event Coordinator).

Shelter View is a permanent track which was built in 2004 on farmland in Upokongaro, 12kms north of Wanganui on S.H.4 (Parapara Highway). It has a natural amphi-theatre for 'can't miss action' which is partly planted in pine tree's providing shelter, hence the name Shelter View.

The track is completely safety fenced allowing spectators close up action. There are permanent flushing toilets on site and ample carparking. Food stalls are also scattered about. On event days the venue is well signposted from Wanganui.

As this is on private farmland NO PETS are allowed.



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The digging begins
The fencing has improved since then
Aerial shot
Original commentators box
Painting the tyres
Nick & Pat fencing
Attaching the lights to the towers
Placing the light tower
Not as fast as a Jetsprint Boat!
More tower construction

Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus Visited 2011

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