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Campbell Live interview with Travis Pastrana at Shelter View

Even Top Gear has noticed us....

Boating isn’t normally something we normally cover on Unless, that is, said boating involves a properly bonkers, 900bhp turbocharged quad-rotary jetboat. And a video like this one.

Your normal pop-pop, this isn’t. It’s an utterly insane Jetsprint Super Boat with jaw-slackening agility, and so much speed you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d pressed fast-forward on the footage.

Jetsprinting is a form of boat racing where tiny skiffs with lots and lots of horsepower race against the clock, while navigating through channels of water less than a metre deep.

Courses are like PacMan levels, with drivers making 25 to 30 turns while trying not to crash. Navigation of said course is also fantastically simple: no pace notes here, rather a co-pilot flapping their hand around to point the driver in the right direction.

Top-class Super Boats are normally fitted with big V8s, pumped up to 1400bhp and fitted with steering racks so quick they make a Ferrari F12 look like an old Rolls-Royce Corniche. But Team Hujis’ boat, above, gets a turbocharged, quad-rotary powerplant. And it’s an utter water-weapon.

A little action at Shelter View....
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